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Downloading and Buying Prints:

Click on the download button. You'll have two options, one is to "download entire gallery", and the other is to "select photos to download".

If you click on  "download entire gallery" the entire gallery will be downloaded.

If you click on "select photos to download", there will be a small circle in the lower left corner of each photo, check each one you want to download then click the  "download selected" button above the gallery to start the download.

To buy prints hover over picture and click the buy button then select the sizes and quantity . They will then be stored in your cart until you are ready to check out. Sales tax will be added to your order but we do not charge shipping.

When ordering our flat cards specify the style # and all other information you'd like on the card under instructions.                                                      

When ordering the bundle and save package you must order 10 units at $2.00 each and there is a minimum of 2 units per pose.                                                                                                         

When ordering prints (5X7, 8X10) make sure the cropping is adjusted the way you want it.


The watermark will not be downloaded or printed.